10 Amazing Things You Can Find in 826 Michigan’s Don’t Stay Up So Late

by Tom B.

Don't Stay Up So Late: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories Written for Children by Children

Good advice that kids never listen to…

As I’ve mentioned, 826 Michigan’s Don’t Stay Up So Late is a brilliant book, a “treasury of bedtime stories written for children by children” that was crafted with an obvious sense of affection and pride by both its publishers and student authors. But, despite all my praise, I don’t really know if I’ve been able to properly convey how much this anthology is packed with impressive details and inspired ideas. Don’t Stay Up So Late is a book that just begs for you to linger and appreciate it. So, in order to make sure that you truly get a sense of what this book is all about (and to encourage more of you to buy it), here are ten completely amazing items, details, and flourishes you can find within the pages of Don’t Stay Up So Late:

1. The book’s dedicationDon't Stay Up So Late

2. This disclaimer on the copyright pageDon't Stay Up So Late

3. The handsome title page illustrationDon't Stay Up So Late

4. Section headings like this:Don't Stay Up So Late

5. This story (in its entirety):Don't Stay Up So Late

6. The opening line of “Brain World”When I was at home, doing my Barbie hair, I saw talking brains.

7. This picture of a horse eating peanutsDon't Stay Up So Late

8. Bedtime stories with morals like these:Don't Stay Up So Late

9. Original mysteries such as:Don't Stay Up So Late

10. And, in conclusion, final lines as profound as:Don't Stay Up So Late

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